niversity of Maryland

Seminars & Informal Talks - Spring 2007

ENP-TQHN Spring Semester Seminars (PHYS 748-749) are held in
Room 1201 on the first floor of the Physics Building (Campus Map; Parking )

Organizers: ENP--Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Beise, 301-405-6109
                  TQHN-- Dr. Andre Walker-Loud, 301-405-6119

Jan. 26 (Fri.)
No seminar scheduled.

Feb. 2 (Fri.)
Jennifer Kile - Caltech
Effective Operators, Neutrino Mass, Muon Decay, and Higgs Production

Feb. 5 (Mon.)      (TQHN special seminar) - 2:00 pm - Room 2113
Jian Dai - City University of New York
Stability and Evolution of Color Skyrmions in the Quark-Gluon Plasma

Feb. 6 (Tue.)      (TQHN special seminar) - Rescheduled to 2:00 PM - Room 2113
Feng Yuan - RIKEN/BNL Research Center
New Proton Spin: Perspective from RHIC

Feb. 9 (Fri.)
Brian Tiburzi - Duke University
Applying Effective Field Theories to Lattice QCD

Feb. 16 (Fri.) No Seminar Scheduled

Feb. 22 (Thurs.) PhD Defense
Yingchuan Li - TQHN Group
A SUSY SO(10) GUT Model with Lopsided Structure

Feb. 23 (Fri.)
Philippe de Forcrand - ETH Zurich and CERN
The QCD Phase Diagram at Finite Temperature and Density

Mar. 2 (Fri.)
Panying Chen - University of Maryland
The Gluon Helicity Distribution in the Proton

Mar. 7 (Wed.)      TQHN informal seminar - 12:30 pm - Room 2113
Eric Engelson - University of Maryland
All-to-All Propagators in Lattice QCD

Mar. 9 (Fri.)
Sonny Mantry - Caltech, Pasadena
Top Mass from Jets in Effective Field Theory

Mar. 12 (Mon.)      TQHN special seminar - 2:00 pm - Room 2113
Shin-Nan Yang - National Taiwan University
Electromagnetic Excitation of the Delta(1232)-Resonance

Mar. 16 (Fri.)
Zein-Eddine Meziani - Temple University, Philadelphia
Nucleon Spin Structure and Quark-Gluons Correlations

Mar. 19-23 (Mon.-Fri.) Spring Break Week

Mar. 30 (Fri.)
Reina Maruyama - University of Wisconsin at Madison
CUORE: A Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay

Apr. 4 (Wed.) ENP/TQHN joint with HEP 4:00 PM, Room 4220
Haiyan Gao - Duke University & Triangle Universities Nuclear Lab
A New Search on Neutron Electric Dipole Moment

Apr. 6 (Fri.) Seminar day replaced with April 4 due to cancellation)

Apr. 13 (Fri.)
Sean Fleming - Univ. of Arizona, Tucson
The Nuclear Physics of Charm (New title)

Apr. 20 (Fri.)
Gautam Rupak - North Carolina State University
Hot Dilute Neutron Matter

Apr. 27 (Fri.)
Reyco Henning - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Quest for the Nature of the Neutrino

May 4 (Fri.)
Richard Furnstahl - The Ohio State University, Columbus
Low-Momentum Interactions and the Nuclear Many-Body Problem

May 9 (Wed.)      ENP/TQHN joint with HEP
Rex Tayloe - Indiana University
Neutrino Oscillation Results from the MiniBooNE Experiment

May 10 (Thur.) Last Day of Class

May 11 (Fri.)
Yue Zhang - University of Maryland and Peking University
Right-Handed Quark Mixing in Minimal Left-Right Symmetric Model with General CP Violation

May 20 (Sun.) Main University of Maryland Commencement - Comcast Center

May 21 (Mon.) College Commencement Ceremonies

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