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Seminars & Informal Talks - Winter and Spring 2005

Schedule for ENP-TQHN Spring Semester Seminars (PHYS 748-749) are held in the Physics Bldg.
Organizers: Dr. E. Beise (ENP),; 301-405-6109

Dr. S. Basak (TQHN),; 301-405-6119

Jan. 18 (Tue.) 11:00 AM Room 2113 (TQHN)
Christopher Lee (Caltech)
Decays of Z Bosons and Upsilon Mesons in Effective Field Theory

Jan. 20 (Mon.) 11:00 AM Room 2113 (TQHN)
Masataka Okamoto (Fermi Lab)
Full CKM Matrix with Lattix QCD

Jan. 25 (Tue.) 12:00 PM Room 2113 (ENP-TQHN)
Ikuro Sato (Univ. of Maryland (TQHN Group))
Baryonic Sources Using the Double-Covered Octahedral Group on Lattice

Jan. 31 (Mon.) 2:00 PM Room 2113
George Sterman (S.N.Yang Inst. for Theor. Physics, SUNY, Stony Brook)
Joint Resummation

Feb. 3 (Thur.) 3:00 PM Room 4208
Christopher Dawson (BNL)
CP Violation and Lattice QCD

Feb. 7 (Mon.) 2:00 PM Room 1201
Sean Fleming (UCSD)
Effective Field Theories of the Strong Interactions

Feb. 10 (Thur.) 3:30 PM Room 1201
Christian Bauer (Caltech)
Non-perturbative Physics from SCET

Feb. 14 (Mon) 2:00 PM Room 1201
(TQHN/Elementary Particles)
Gerhart Seidl (Oklahoma State)
Neutrino Oscillations in Deconstructed Dimensions

Feb. 15 (Tue) 11:30 AM Room 1402 (TQHN)
Hasan Yuksel (U. of Wisconsin)
Neutrino Mass, Mixing, and Supernovae Neutrinos

Feb. 24 (Thurs) 4:00 PM Room 1201
Joseph Formaggio (Univ. of Washington, Seattle)
Cracking the Code: Understanding the Mysteries of the Neutrino

Feb. 28 (Mon) 10:30 AM Room 2113
Bojan Bistrovic (MIT)
Perturbative Lattice Renormalization for Quark Bilinears

Mar. 2 (Wed) 4:00 PM Room 3301
(ENP-TQHN/Elementary Particles)
Terrance Goldman (Los Alamos National Lab)
MultiQuark States: From Nuclei to Dibaryons and PentaQuarks (Nuclei as Condensed Matter!)

Mar. 7 (Mon) 2:30 PM (Room 1201)
Karsten M. Heeger (Lawrence Berkeley Lab)
Evidence of New Physics in Neutrino Experiments

Mar. 9 (Wed) 4:00 PM Room 4220
(ENP/Particle Phys./Astrophys.)
Takeyasu Ito (U. of Tennessee and Oak Ridge Natl. Lab)
Fundamental Physics with Ultra-Cold Neutrons

Mar. 14 (Mon) 2:30 Room 1201
Xiaochao Zheng (Argonne National Lab)
What Do We Know About the Nucleon Spin, and What We Don't Know Yet?

Mar. 16 (Wed) 1:00 PM Room 2113
Vladimir Pascalutsa (JLab)
Magnetic Moment of the Delta-resonance from Inelastic Compton Scattering and from Lattice QCD

Mar. 17 (Thur) 4:00 PM Room 1201
(ENP/High Energy)
Carter Hall SLAC
Probing the Origin of Neutrino Mass with Double Beta Decay

Mar. 30 (Wed) 4:00 PM Room 3301
George Fleming Yale University
Structure of Hadrons in Lattice QCD

Mar. 31 (Thur) 12:15 PM Room 2113
Hsiang-nan Li Academia Sinica, Taipei
Some Puzzles in B Physics

Apr. 6 (Wed)

Apr. 13 (Wed) 4:00 PM Room 3301
Jonathan Engel U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Nuclear Time-Reversal Violation and Atomic Electric Dipole Moments

Apr. 20 (Wed) 4:00 PM Room 3301
Joydip Kundu U. of Maryland
A Hot Water Bottle for Aging Neutron Stars

Apr. 27 (Wed) 4:00 PM Room 3301
Kuniharu Kubodera U. of South Carolina
Effective Field Theoretical Calculations of Nuclear Electroweak Processes

May 4 (Wed) 4:00 PM Room 3301
Dominique Toublan U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne
QCD at Small Chemical Potential

May 17 (Tues) 4:00 PM Room 4102
(Elementary Particles-TQHN)
Uma Sankar India Inst. of Technology Bombay, India
New Physics Constraints on B_s --> l+ l-

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