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Seminars & Informal Talks - Spring 2004

Schedule for TQHN/ENP Semester Seminars: Wed. 4:00 PM, Rm. 3301 Physics Bldg.

Jan. 16 (Fri.) 11:00 am, Rm. 2113
Su Houng Lee (Yonsei University)
Pentaquark Baryons: Few Remarks on the Mass Relations and Decay Width

Jan. 23 (Mon.) 2:00 pm, Rm. 2113
John Laiho (Princeton University)
Prospects for an Improved Lattice Calculation of epsilon'/epsilon

Jan. 26 (Mon.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Michaela Oswald (Niels Bohr Inst.- Copenhagen DK)
Covariant Derivative Expansion of QCD Effective Action at High Temperatures

Jan. 26 (Mon.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Joydip Kundu (Massachusetts Inst. of Tech.)
Mass-induced Crystalline Color Superconductivity

Jan. 28 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 3301
Brian Tiburzi (University of Washington, Seattle)
Chiral Theories for Lattice QCD

Jan. 30 (Fri.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Ahmad Idilbi (University of Maryland)
Nucleon to Delta Transtion

Feb. 3 (Tues.) 11:00 am, Rm. 2113
Pavel Nadolsky (Southern Methodist University, Dallas)
Precise Factorization Methods for Hadron Colliders

Feb. 3 (Tues.) 2:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Achim Schwenk (The Ohio State University, Colombus)
Towards Density Functional Calculations from Nuclear Forces

Feb. 11 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Juinn-Wei Chen (National Taiwan University)
A lattice theory for low energy fermions at finite cehmical potential

Feb. 18 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 3301
Chung-Wen Kao (NCSU)
Nucleon Spin Forward Polarizabilities in Chiral Effective Theory

Feb. 25 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 3301
Ken Hicks (Ohio University)
Evidence for the Pentaquark: an Exotic Baryon

March 3 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 3301
Michael P. Praszalowicz (Brookhaven Nat'l. Lab)
Pentaquarks in the Chiral Models

March 10 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 3301
Marc Vanderhaeghen (Jefferson Lab and William & Mary)
Accessing Two-Photon Exchange Processes through Elastic Electron-Nucleon Scattering

March 19 (Wed.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Thomas D. Cohen (University of Maryland)
Modeling the Pentaquark

March 19 (Fri.) 3:30 pm, Rm. 2113
Daniel Dakin (University of Maryland)
Pion-Nucleon Scattering Relations in Large N_c QCD

March 24 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 3301
Yuji Koike (University of Niigata, Japan)
Clarifying the Origin of Single Spin Asymmetries in QCD

March 31 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 3301
Elizabeth Beise (University of Maryland)
Parity Violation and Hadron Structure

April 7 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 3301
John Arrington (Argonne National Lab)
Proton Charge and Magnetism

April 14 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 3301
Allena K. Opper (The Ohio University, Athens and Jefferson Lab, Newport News)
Charge Symmetry Breaking--From Nuclei to Quarks

April 21 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 3301
Dr. Luis Orozco (University of Maryland)
Nuclear Structure and the Anapole Moment in Francium: Experiments and Proposals

April 28 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 3301
Dr. Antje Bruell (Jefferson Lab, Newort News)
Nuclear Effects in Deep-Inelastic Scattering

May 5 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 3301
Dr. Silas Beane (New Hampshire University)
Nucleons in a Box: A Method to Obtain Nucleon and Nuclear Properties from Lattice QCD

May 12 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 3301
Dr. Adam Szczepaniak (Indiana University)
Progress in Coulomb Gauge QCD

May 25 (Tue.) 2:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Dr. Daniel Phillips (Ohio University)
Effective Field Theory for Nucleon Compton Scattering

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