University of Maryland

Seminars and Informal Talks - Spring 2003

Jan. 29 (Wed.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Andrei Belitsky (U. of Maryland)
A New Spin on Proton Structure

Jan. 31 (Fri.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Matthew Wingate (Ohio State U.)
Toward More Precise Lattice Simulation of B Physics

Feb. 3 (Mon.) 12:15 pm, Rm. 2113
Jaebeom Yoo (U. of Pittsburgh)
Full QCD with Light Quarks

Feb. 12 (Wed.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Deirdre Black (Jefferson Lab.)
Radiataive Decays Involving a Nonet of Scalar Mesons

Feb. 14 (Fri.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Thomas Luu (U. of Washington, Seattle)
Perturbative Effective Interaction within an Oscillator Basis

Feb. 26 (Wed.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Oliver Baer (MIT- Lab for Nuclear Science)
Simulations with Different Lattice Dirac Operators for Valence and Sea Quarks

March 4 (Tues.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Yuri Kovchegov (University of Washington)
Understanding QCD at High Energy

March 5 (Wed.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Dan Pirjol (John Hopkins University)
Excited Baryons in Large N_c QCD

March 12 (Wed.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Anatoly Radyushkin (Old Dominion University & Thomas Jefferson National Lab)
Modelling Generalized Parton Distributions

March 19 (Wed.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Geoffrey Bodwin (Argonne National Lab)
Resummation of Large QCD Corrections to Heavy-Quarkonium Decay Rates

April 3 (Thurs.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Iain Stewart (Massachuetts Institute of Technology)
The Soft-Collinear Effective Field Theory

April 9 (Wed.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Wolfgang Korsch (University of Maryland)
A New Spin on the Neutron Spin

April 16 (Wed.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
John Tjon (University of Maryland)
Baryon Magnetic Moments in a QCD String Model

April 23 (Wed.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Jiunn-Wei Chen (MIT)
Effective Field Theory and the Lattice QCD Finite Volume Effects

May 7 (Wed.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Larry McLerran (Brookhaven National Lab)
The Color Glass Condensate

May 8 (Thurs.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Harry Lipkin (Weizman Institute- Israel)
Implications of a DK Molecule and Other Tetraquark Models for the Charmed- Strange Resonance at 2.32 GeV

May 16 (Fri.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Stan Brodsky (Stanford)
The Unexpected Effects of Final-State Interactions in QCD

May 21 (Wed.) 12:00 pm, Rm. 2113
Chris Dawson (Brookhaven National Lab)
Towards Dynamical Domain Wall Fermions

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