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Seminars - Fall 2012

Nuclear Physics Fall Semester Seminars (PHYS 748) are scheduled for 2:30 PM (note new time!)  Every Wednesday in Rm. 2202 on Second Floor of the Physics Building (Campus Interactive Map; Parking ) Changes to time/room are noted in the listing below.

Organizers: ENP--Carter Hall, 301-405-6103
                TQHN-- Amy Nicholson, 301-405-1565.

Seminars marked with an asterisk (*) are coordinated with George Washington University Center for Nuclear Studies group whose seminars are held on Tuesdays at 4:00, Room 101 Corcoran Hall . Click here to see their schedule.

Aug. 29 (Wed.)
Srimoyee Sen - University of Maryland, TQHN
Thermodynamics of nuclear condensates and phase transition in Helium white dwarfs

Sept. 5 (Wed.)
No seminar scheduled.

Sept. 12 (Wed.)
Mikhail Stephanov - University of Illinois at Chicago
Hydrodynamic Noise and Bjorken Expansion

Sept. 19 (Wed.)
Charles Horowitz - Indiana University, Bloomington
Multi-messenger observations of neutron rich matter

Sept. 26 (Wed.)
No seminar scheduled.

Oct. 3 (Wed.)
Amy Nicholson - University of Maryland, TQHN
Noise, sign problems, and chiral symmetry breaking

Oct. 10 (Wed.)
No Seminar Scheduled.

Oct. 18 (Thu.) - Note different day (Thursday)
Daniele Dorigoni - University of Cambridge
The Large-N Limit of 3d Super YM and Bosonization

Oct. 24 (Wed.)
Jacobus Verbaarschot - Stony Brook University
QCD at Finite Density and the Sign Problem

Oct. 31(Wed.)
No Seminar Scheduled.

Nov. 7 (Wed.)
Frank Lee - George Washington University
Hadron polarizabilities in lattice QCD

Nov. 14 (Wed.)
Taku Izubuchi - Brookhaven National Laboratory
Applications of Lattice QCD+QED

Nov. 21 (Wed.)
Xiangdong Ji- University of Maryland, TQHN
The nucleon spin on the light-front frame

Nov. 28 (Wed.)
Tod Strohmayer- Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt MD

Dec. 5 (Wed.)
Lucas Platter - Argonne National Laboratory

Dec 12 (Wed.)
Prabal Adhikari - University of Maryland, TQHN

Dec 19 (Wed.)
No seminar scheduled.

Dec 19 (Thur.) Last Day of Classes

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