Seminars & Informal Talks - Fall 2008

ENP/TQHN Spring Semester Seminars (PHYS 748-749) are scheduled for
4:00 PM in Room 1201 on the first floor of the Physics Building
(Different time/room schedules are noted in the listing below) (Campus Map; Parking )

Organizers: ENP--Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Beise, 301-405-6109
                  TQHN-- Dr. Brian Tiburzi, 301-405-6119

Some seminar speakers are shared with the Center for Nuclear Physics Studies of The George Washington University.
Their seminars are on Tuesdays at 4:00 PM, Rm. 101 Corcoran Hall . Click here to view their seminar schedules.

Sep. 3 (Wed.)
No seminar scheduled.

Sep. 10 (Wed.)
No seminar scheduled.

Sep. 17 (Wed.)
Carl E. Carlson - College of William & Mary, Williamsburg VA
Empirical Transverse Charge Densities in the Nucleon and the Nucleon-to-Delta Transition

Sep. 24 (Wed.)
To be scheduled.

Oct. 1 (Wed.)
To be scheduled.

Oct. 8 (Wed.)
Jacobus Verbaarschot - Stony Brook Univ., Stony Brook NY
The Sign Problem in QCD at Nonzero Baryon Density

Oct. 15 (Wed.)
Chung Wen Kao - Chung Yuan Christian Univ., Chung-Li, Taiwan ROC
Two is Too Many: Personal View of Two-Photon Physics

Oct. 22 (Wed.)
Urs Heller - American Physical Society and Brookhaven National Lab, NY
Some Results from Full 2+1 Flavor Simulations of QCD

Oct. 29 (Wed.)
Ahmad Idilbi - Duke University, Durham NC
Factorization and Resummation for Color Octet Production at the LHC in Effective Theory

Nov. 5 (Wed.)
To be scheduled.

Nov. 12 (Wed.)
To be scheduled.

Nov. 19 (Wed.)
Nadia Fomin - University of Tennessee
Inclusive Scattering from Nuclei at x > 1 and High Q^2 with a 6 GeV Beam

Nov. 26 (Wed.)
No seminar scheduled.

Nov. 27-28 (Thur.-Fri.) Thanksgiving Recess

Dec. 3 (Wed.)
Abhijit Majumder - The Ohio State University, Columbus
Hard Jets as Probes of Dense Soft Matter and a Possible New Effective Theory

Dec. 10 (Wed.)
Jason Shergur - Dept. of Homeland Security, Washington DC
Applications of Gamma Spectroscopy in Nuclear Nonproliferation Research and Homeland Security Testing

Dec. 12 (Fri.) Last Day of Class

Dec. 17 (Wed.)
Thomas Luu - Lawrence Livermore National Lab, CA
Using LQCD to Extract Hadronic Interaction Parameters

Dec. 20 (Sat.) 7:00 PM Main University of Maryland Commencement - Comcast Center

Dec. 21 (Sun.) 1:00 PM College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences Ceremony
Location: Dekelboum Concert Hall, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

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