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Seminars & Informal Talks - Fall 2006

ENP-TQHN Spring Semester Seminars (PHYS 748-749) are held in the Physics Bldg.

Organizers: ENP--Dr. E. Beise, 301-405-6109; TQHN-- Dr. P. Bedaque, 301-405-6119

Aug. 30 (Wed.)
No seminar scheduled.

Sep. 6 (Wed.)

Sep. 13 (Wed.) 4:00 PM, Room 1201 (Joint visit w/ GWU; joint talk w/ HEP)
Lisa Kaufman (Univ. of Massachusetts)
Parity-violating Electron Scattering and Strangeness in the Nucleon: Results from HAPPEX-II

Sep. 15 (Fri.) 1:15 PM, Room 2113 (TQHN informal talk) (Note Time Change)
Marc Schlegel (Bochum Univ., Germany and Jefferson Lab)
Time-Reversal Odd Effects in Semi-Inclusive Deep-Inelastic Scattering

Sep. 20 (Wed.)

Sep. 27 (Fri.) 4:00 PM, Room 1201
Harald Griesshammer (George Washington Univ.)
Compton Scattering, Nucleon Poalrizabilities, and Chiral Power Counting

Oct. 4 (Wed.) 1:00 PM, Room 2113 (Joint visit w/ GWU)
Dean Lee (North Carolina State Univ.)
Cold Dilute Neutrons -- A New Type of Superfluid?

Oct. 11 (Wed.) 4:00 PM, Room 1201
Paul Hohler (Univ. of Maryland)
Doubly Heavy Diquark-Antiquark Symmetry Confronts the SELEX Experiment
(tentative title)

Oct. 18 (Wed.) 4:00 PM, Room 1201
Andre Walker-Loud (Univ. of Maryland)
Physical Predictions from Effective Field Theory and Lattice QCD

Oct. 25 (Wed.) 4:00 PM, Room 1201 (Joint talk w/ Elementary Particles)
Raghvendra Srikanth (Harish-Chandra Research Inst., India)
Bilarge Neutrino Mixing and Lepton Number Violation in Supersymmetric Models

Nov. 1 (Wed.) 4:00 PM, Room 1201 (Joint visit w/ GWU)
Raju Venugopalan (Brookhaven Natl. Lab)
An Effective Field Theroy Appraoch to Multi-particle Production in QCD at High Energies

Nov. 6 (Mon.) 1:30 PM, Room 2113
Chong Sheng Li (Peking Univ.)
(to be announced)

Nov. 8 (Wed.) 4:00 PM, Room 1201
Donal O'Connell (Caltech)
Positivity in Effective Theories

Nov. 15 (Wed.)4:00 PM, Room 1201
Liang Yang (Harvard University)
Measuring the Neutron Lifetime using Magnetically Trapped Neutrons

Nov. 22 (Wed.)
No seminar scheduled.

Nov. 23-24 (Thur.-Fri.)
Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 29 (Wed.) 4:00 PM, Room 1201
Brian Odom Kavli Inst., Univ. of Chicago
A Bubble Chamber for Dark Matter Detection: The COUPP Project

Dec. 6 (Wed.) 4:00 PM, Room 1201
Pieter Mumm Univ. of Maryland / NIST
Testing Time Reversal Violation in Neutron Beta Decay

Dec. 12 (Tue.) Last Day of Classes

Dec. 13 (Wed.) 2:00 PM, Room 1201 NOTE NEW TIME!
Wei Liao (TRIUMF)
Toward Precision Measurement of Solar Neutrinos

Dec. 20 (Wed.) University of Maryland Commencement - Comcast Center - 7:30 PM

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