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Seminars & Informal Talks - Fall 2005

ENP-TQHN Fall Semester Seminars (PHYS 748-749) are held in the Physics Bldg.

Organizers: For ENP talks--Dr. E. Beise, 301-405-6109; for TQHN talks-- Dr. J. Kundu, 301-405-6125

Aug. 31 (Wed.) 4:00 PM Room 3301
No seminar scheduled

Sep. 7 (Wed.) 4:00 PM Room 3301
Dan Pirjol -- Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
Chiral Symmetry and B Decays in the Soft-Collinear Effective Theory

Sep. 14 (Wed.) 4:00 PM Room 3301
Yuri Kovchegov -- Ohio State Univ., Columbus
Musings on Thermalization in Heavy Ion Collisions
(tentative title)

Sep. 28 (Wed.) 4:00 PM Room 3301 SEMINAR CANCELLED

(Due to Physics Colloquium rescheduled to this same day/time)

Colloquium Speaker: Sheldon Glashow , Harvard University
Title: Einstein and the Unified Field Theory
Room: Physics Lecture Hall

Oct. 7 (Fri.) 4:00 PM Room 2113 -- Note different day and room!
Sinya Aoki -- Univ. of Tsukuba, Japan
Neutron Electric Dipole Moment from Lattice QCD Calculations

Oct. 12 (Wed.) 4:00 PM Room 3301
Ross Young -- Jefferson Lab
Strange-Quark Contributions to Nucleon Form Factors

Oct. 13 (Thur.) 12:00 PM Room 2113 (Special TQHN Seminar)
Zuo-tang Liang -- Shandong University, China & Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Global Polarization of QGP in Non-Central AA Collisions

Oct. 19 (Wed.) 4:00 PM Room 3301
Robert Pisarski -- Brookhaven National Lab
The Deconfining Phase Transition and Matrix Models

Oct. 26 (Wed.) 4:00 PM Room 3301
Mark Alford -- Washington Univ., St. Louis
Color Superconductivity in Ultra-Dense Quark Matter: Accommodating the Strange Quark

Nov. 2 (Wed.) 4:00 PM Room 3301
Mikhail ("Misha") Stephanov -- Univ. of Illinois, Chicago
Phase Diagram of Cold Polarized Fermi Gas

Nov. 9 (Wed.) 4:00 PM Room 3301 (Joint ENP-AMO Seminar)
Guy Savard -- U. of Chicago and Argonne National Lab
High-Precision Mass Measurements, Vud, and the CKM Matrix Unitarity

Nov. 16 (Wed.) 4:00 PM Room 3301
Thomas Mehen -- Duke University
Doubly Heavy Baryons and Quark-Diquark Symmetry

Nov. 24-25 (Wed.-Thurs.) Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 30 (Wed.) 4:00 PM Room 3301
Chen-Yu Liu -- Indiana University
A New Search for the Intrinsic Electric Dipole Moment of the Electron in a Solid State System

Dec. 6 (Tue.) 11:30 AM Room 2113 TQHN Special Seminar
Andre Walker-Loud -- Univ. of Washington, Seattle
Chiral Effective Theories for Lattice QCD

Dec. 7 (Wed.) 1:00 PM Room 2113
Michael Ramsey-Musolf -- CALTECH, Pasadena
Baryogenesis and Electric Dipole Moment

Dec. 13 (Tues.) Last Day of Classes

Jan. 18 (Wed.) 11:00 AM Room 2113 Ph.D. Defense
Ahmad Idilbi -- TQHN Research Group
QCD Resummation of Soft Gluons in Effective Field Theory

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