University of Maryland

Seminars & Informal Talks - Fall 2004

Schedule for ENP/TQHN Semester Seminars: Wed. 4:00 PM, Rm. 1201 Physics Bldg.
Organizers: Dr. E. Beise (ENP),; 301-405-6109

Dr. S. Basak (TQHN),; 301-405-6119

Sept. 1 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 3301
(no seminar scheduled)

Sept. 8 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 3301
Olivier Gayou (JLab, Newport News VA)
Polarization Observables and Nucleon Electric Form Factors

Sept. 16 (Thur.) 3:00 pm, Rm. 2113 (Note different schedule and room!)
Derek Leinweber (CSSM, U. of Adelaide)
Visually Revealing the Secrets of QCD

Sept. 22 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 1201
(no seminar scheduled)

Sept. 29 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 1201 (Note NEW ROOM for rest of semester)
Rajamani Narayanan (Florida Intl. U., Miami)
Large N QCD: Continuum Reduction and Chiral Condensate

Oct. 6 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 1201
Paulo Bedaque (LBL-NSNT, Berkeley)
Nuclear Forces and Lattice QCD

Oct. 13 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 1201
Andre de Gouvea (Northwestern Univ., Evanston)
Neutrinos and the New Physics

Oct. 20 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 1201
Xiangdong Ji (Univ. of Maryland)
QCD Factorization for Semi-Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering

Oct. 27 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 1201
Maarten Golterman (San Francisco State U.)
Localization in Lattice QCD

Nov. 3 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 1201
Thomas Schaefer (NCSU, Raleigh)
(Quasi) Quarks and (Quasi) Baryons in QCD at High Density

Nov. 10 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 1201
Pierre Guichon (CEA-Saclay)
The Role of Quarks in Nuclear Structure

Nov. 17 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 1201
Evgeny Epelbaum (JLab, Newport News)
Chiral Dynamics in Few-Nucleon Systems

Nov. 24 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 1201
(no seminar scheduled)

Dec. 1 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 1201
Robert Edwards (JLab, Newport News)

Dec. 8 (Wed.) 4:00 pm, Rm. 1201
Jacobus Verbaarschot (SUNY, Stony Brook)
The QCD Dirac Spectrum at Nonzero Chemical Potential

Dec. 18, 2004 (Saturday evening)
University of Maryland Commencement

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