Location of Physics Department:

The Physics Bldg. is located at the corner of North Campus Drive and Regents Drive, adjacent to the circle which has a very large noticeable ``M'' outlined in flowers, small bushes or mulch (depending on the time of the year). [Upon entering the main (north) campus entrance at Route 1 and Campus Drive, get into the left lane to continue up to the "Big M" circle.]

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For cab service, call Taxi Taxi Inc at (301)577-2000 or (301)864-7700, or the local taxi network of multiple companies at (301)322-8877.

Parking on Campus


Reagan National Airport (DCA) and Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) Airport are relatively nearby. Dulles International Airport (IAD) in Virginia is further away (about an additional 30-45 minutes's drive away from College Park). All ground transportation fares fluctuate according to time of day/night, traffic, and weather.



On-line Reservations

PHONE: 1-800-258-3826 (1-800-BLUEVAN)

Offers 24-hr. door-to-door service to most hotels, homes, and offices in the Baltimore-Washington-Northern Virginia metropolitan area. The fare between College Park and BWI Airport is ~$40-$60; from/to National Reagan Airport the fare is ~$28-$33; from/to Dulles, ~$50-$70. Reservations are not needed for passengers leaving the airport; you need only to follow the signs to Ground Transportation (Courtesy Desk) to check in for the next available van. (You may have to wait for them to receive all shuttle passengers.) If the desk is closed, and/or the van already left the airport, pick up the Courtesy Phone and follow the directions given you; transportation will be arranged for you. Reservations for your return to the airport are needed, and they require 4 hrs. advance notice.


TAXI fare from Reagan/National Airport to College Park is ~$35-$65. (You should verify with the driver that the fare is near that range.) There is a METRORAIL line servicing College Park from National/Reagan to College Park. Take the "Yellow Line" to Mt. Vernon Square Convention Center, then transfer to the "Green Line" to College Park.


The Greenbelt-BWI Airport Express Line is a Metro (WMATA) nonstop bus service from BWI to Greenbelt Metro Station (fare is $6--MUST have exact change). It runs every 40 minutes. From the Greenbelt Metro station, take the Metro one stop to the College Park station where you can ride the UM Shuttle to campus.

Also available at the BWI Ground Transportation located at the lower level are LIMOUSINE SERVICE [(301) 912-2000] and BWI TAXI SERVICE [(410) 859-1100; the fare is ~$75 to College Park.


TAXI fare to/from College Park is ~$80 (about an hour's drive).

Dulles Ground Transportation

Washington Flyer Taxi

Washington Flyer Taxicabs serve Dulles International Airport exclusively with 24-hour service to and from the airport. Taxicab Dispatchers are on duty 24 hours a day at the East and West ramps on the lower level of the Main Terminal. Wheelchair mini buses only accommodate 1 chaired or disabled passenger and 3 additional non-chaired passengers. Smoking and non-smoking vehicles are available by request.

For information or to arrange transportation for your return trip, call 703-661-6655. Taxicabs accept American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, Discover Card, and Visa, and provide transportation at metered rates to any destination in metropolitan Washington. Approximate one way fares to College Park is $65-$75.

SUPER SHUTTLE SERVICE is ~$40-$60 to College Park.

METRORAIL subway station is Not located at Dulles. However, their Ground Transportation [(703) 685-1400] includes shuttle bus service where you can purchase a ticket to the Metrorail. (If you'll be returning to Dulles via Metrorail, you may find it convenient to purchase a ticket that includes your return bus fare as well.) Taxi service is also available to the Metrorail. [Although considerably less expensive than taking a taxi to College Park, it may take you about about 1-1/2 hrs. to get from Dulles Airport to College Park using the Metrorail service.]

Using Metrorail Subway service, take the "Orange Line"; transfer to the "Green Line" at L'Enfant Plaza to College Park. Then take a taxi to campus or your hotel. The UM Shuttle bus runs between campus and the College Park Metro stop (see METRORAIL paragraph below).

NOTE: Taxi Fares fluctuate between the Washington, DC - Maryland - Virginia districts. Thus the above fares mentioned are indeed estimates.

If you Rent a Car at the airport, directions from the airports to College Park are at the end of this note. You should note that our ``Rush-Hour'' traffic is typically VERY crowded from 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM, and 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM.


The METRORAIL system includes Metrorail maps at all stations and on each car of their trains which easily indicate every stop for each (color-coded) rail line. You'll find phones to call a taxi [the numbers to a local taxi service is (301) 322-8877 or (301) 864-7700], although often there are cabs already waiting for passengers at the stations. As you approach College Park from Washington, to your left is the West side of the Metro Station (Calvert Road) (~20-40 minute walk to Campus). However, taxis and shuttle bus pickup lanes are located on the East (right) side.


The University of Maryland operates a UM Shuttle service (red & white buses) which runs Mon.-Fri. to the College Park Metrorail station at 15-minute intervals. Bus stops coming onto campus include the UM Circle in front of the Physics Bldg. and at Lot HH by the Stamp (Student) Union, which is two blocks up from the Physics Bldg.; leaving campus there is a stop on Campus Drive across from the Math Bldg. (see Campus Map.)

If you want to visit Washington, DC, you may find it easier to take the Metrorail instead of driving to the downtown areas. The College Park Metrorail Station does have all day parking on the East side of the station. From Route 1, take Paint Branch Parkway (at the traffic light, across from Campus Drive) to the Station, and follow the signs for the appropriate parking lots.


There are AMTRAK Train Stations in Washington, DC (Union Station) and at New Carrollton, MD. From either station, you would take a taxi to College Park; the fare is about $25 from Union Station and $28 from New Carrollton. If there are no taxis already at the station, call Taxi Taxi Inc at (301)577-2000 or (301)864-7700, or the local taxi network of multiple companies at (301)322-8877.


I-95 comes into the Washington Beltway, I-495, which encircles Washington DC and nearby suburbs ("Inner Loop" means the roadway closest to DC; "Outer Loop" roadway is against the outskirts of the Beltway.) IF YOU MISS YOUR EXIT ON THE BELTWAY, the next exit won't be far away so that you can get off the Beltway to get turned around in order to approach your exit again (...but from the other direction than as described below!).

FROM THE NORTH, follow the lanes to College Park, Route 1. NOTE: I-95 is 4 lanes and will open up to 6 lanes. Stay in the middle 2 lanes. Basically you just follow the signs that say "College Park, Route 1". Take Exit 25B to go South to the University of Maryland.

(What happens is I-95 joins I-495 (Beltway) in different ways: the 2 left lanes take you on to 95 South, bypassing Rt. 1. The 2 right lanes take you on to 495 North. The 2 middle lanes take you on the overpass of the Beltway and bring you around along the Beltway but keep you on the exits to Route 1--you'll want Route 1 South (Exit 25B).) The main gate into the University of Maryland will be on the right at a light on Route 1 about 3 miles from the I-495 Beltway.)

FROM THE SOUTH, take I-95 north to the Washington Beltway, I-495, where you should head east across the Wilson Bridge into Maryland towards Andrews AFB, New Carrollton, Greenbelt, College Park [about 40 minutes if traffic isn't heavy]. NOTE: DO NOT TAKE THE ROUTE 1 EXIT WHILE YOU'RE IN VIRGINIA!--you want to go around Washington on the Beltway to take either Kenilworth Ave South (Route 201) at Exit 23 or Route 1 South at Exit 25B to College Park.

KENILWORTH AVE: Just past the Baltimore-Washington Parkway is the exit for Kenilworth Ave. (201). You can take that exit, staying to your left (towards Bladensburg), and head South. Once you've gone through the light onto Kenilworth Ave., go about 2 miles and make a right at the 3rd light onto Paint Branch. You will pass the Metro Station, go under the tracks, and soon will come to the traffic light at the main entrance of the University of Maryland. To enter the campus, go straight; to go to the Clarion College Park Inn or Comfort Inn & Suites, turn right; to go to the Quality Inn, turn left.

ROUTE 1 SOUTH: Soon after you pass the exit to the Greenbelt Metro Station, you will come to U.S.Route 1. Head South on Route 1 (Exit 25B); the main gate into the University of Maryland will be on the right at a light on Route 1 about 3 miles from the I-495 Beltway.

FROM THE WEST, I-270 comes into I-495, but drive past the Virginia exit and head towards Washington. Soon after Old Georgetown Road you'll stay to your right lane to get onto I-495 heading South toward Silver Spring, College Park, to Route 1 South (Exit 25B). The main gate into the University of Maryland will be on the right at a light on Route 1 about 3 miles from the I-495 Beltway.

FROM THE SOUTHWEST, I-66 comes into I-495, head North on I-495 towards Baltimore. After you pass the I-95 exit, stay in your right lane to get onto the exit for Route 1 South (Exit 25B) to College Park. The main gate into the University of Maryland will be on the right at a light on Route 1 about 3 miles from the I-495 Beltway.


The CLARION COLLEGE PARK INN is located about a half-mile or so north of the University's campus at 8601 Baltimore Ave. [US Route 1], College Park, Maryland (301)474-2800. The Hotel has a shuttle bus that comes to the campus and also goes to the College Park Metro subway station. You should check at the desk about using their service. They will also pick you up from the Metro staton to bring you to the hotel. When you come to campus, the Physics Building is near the the bus stop near the Big "M" circle on Campus Drive.

The COMFORT INN AND SUITES is located about a mile north of the University's campus at 9020 Baltimore Ave. [US Route 1], College Park, Maryland (301)441-8110.

The QUALITY INN AND SUITES is located about 3 blocks south of the University's campus at 7200 Baltimore Ave. [US Route 1], College Park, Maryland (301)276-1000. They're also about 3 blocks from the Metrorail station as you come up Calvert Road to Route 1. The phone number to a local taxi service is (301)322-8877 or (301)864-7700, however often taxis are already at the hotel.

The FOLLIN GUEST HOUSE is located about 4 blocks south of the University's campus at 6801 Baltimore Ave. (US Rt. 1), College Park, MD 20740 (301) 277-9633. Well-kept brick cape cod home with a few bedrooms; the front faces Route 1; the back faces a wooded yard. Guests share bathroom facilities.

To get to the UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND INN AND CONFERENCE CENTER from U.S. Route 1, turn West on Campus Drive (if you're traveling South on Route 1 that will be on your right), go half-way around the "Big M" cirle and continue straight. Campus Drive will curve towards the left. Then take the first right after the curve continuing on Campus Drive. Just before the signal lights at Campus Drive, Adelphi, and Rt. 193, turn right onto the drive to the Inn and Conference Center.

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