The METRORAIL system includes Metrorail maps at all stations and on each car of their trains which easily indicate every stop for each (color-coded) rail line. You'll find phones to call a taxi [the number to a local taxi network is (301) 322-8877], although often there are cabs already waiting for passengers at the stations. As you approach College Park from Washington, to your left is the West side of the Metro Station (Calvert Road) (~20-40 minute walk to Campus). However, taxis and shuttle bus pickup lanes are located on the East (right) side.


The University of Maryland operates the UM Shuttle service (red and white buses) to and from the College Park Metro Station. Bus stops coming onto campus include the UM Circle in front of the Physics Bldg. and at Lot HH by the Stamp (Student) Union, which is two blocks up from the Physics Bldg.; leaving campus there is a stop on Campus Drive across from the Math Bldg. (see Campus Map.)

If you want to visit Washington, DC, you may find it easier to take the Metrorail instead of driving to the downtown areas. The College Park Metrorail Station does have all day parking on the East side of the station. From Route 1, take Paint Branch Parkway (at the traffic light, across from Campus Drive) to the Station, and follow the signs for the appropriate parking lots.

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