Professional Activities: E.D. Williams

1996-present Director, NSF-Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, University of Maryland
2006-9 Member, Materials Research Society Board of Directors
2005-7 Member, Physics Policy Committee, American Physical Society
2004 Co-organizer National Nanotechnology Initiative Grand Challenges Workshop on Energy (DOE) report:
2005-7 Member, Physics Policy Committee, American Physical Society
2004-6 Editorial Board of the Journal of Applied Physics and Applied Physics Letters
2003-present Board of Reviewing Editors, Science Magazine


Member, Committee on Nanotechnology for the Intelligence Community (NRC)
2003 Member, Director’s Review Committee, Materials Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
2003 Participant, National Nanotechnology Initiative Grand Challenges Workshop on Nanomaterials (NSF)
2003 External Advisory Committee for Harvard University NSEC
2003 External Advisory Committee for Cornell University NSEC
2002 External Review Committee, Department of Physics, Rutgers University
2001-2 Member, NNSA Advisory Committee
2001-present Editorial Board, Nano Letters (ACS)
2001-2004 Member Solid State Sciences Committee, Board on Physics and Astronomy (NAS)


Member, National Security Panel of University of California President’s Council


Chairman of the Gordon Conference on Thin Films and Crystal Growth
2001 Organizer of Greater Washington Nanoscience Openhouse at University of Maryland (University of Maryland, Naval Research Laboratory, and National Institute of Standards and Technology Open House series)
2001 American Physical Society, Adler Award Selection Committee
Fall 1999 Meeting Chair, Materials Research Society
1996; Chair 1998 American Physical Society, Davisson Germer Prize Selection Committee Member
1997-2000 External Advisory Committee for the University of Chicago MRSEC
Spring 1998 Co-Organizer of Materials Research Society Symposium, Mechanisms and Principles of Epitaxial Growth in Metallic Systems
1996 External Review of the NIST Nanomanufacturing of Atom Based Standards Project, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD
1995-2001 Editorial Board, Surface Science
Fall 1996 Co-organizer, Materials Research Society Symposium, Evolution of Thin Film and Surface Morphology
1994-1997 Member at Large, Executive Committee of the Division of Condensed Matter Physics, American Physical Society
1991-1996 Principal Investigator: NSF Materials Research Group
Fall 1994 Co-Organizer, Materials Research Society Symposium, Evolution of Thin Film and Surface Morphology
1994 Forum on Science in the National Interest
1993 Co-Organizer, Workshop on New and Emerging Techniques for Imaging Surfaces, Washington, D.C.
1991-1993 Editorial Board, Review of Scientific Instruments
1990-1992 American Physical Society Committee on the Status of Women in Physics
1990 Co-Chairman, Local Arrangements Committee, Physical Electronics Conference
1989-1990 Executive Committee, Surface Science Division of the American Vacuum Society
1986 Local Arrangements Committee, 33rd National Symposium, American Vacuum Society, Baltimore
1984 Rapporteur for the National Academy of Science Research Briefing on Selected Opportunities in Physics
Reviewer for NSF, DOE, Surface Science, Physical Review B, Physical Review Letters, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology, Review of Scientific Instruments, Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Applied Physics, Science, Nature