Physics Materials Store
Bldg 082 Room 0302

Contains a variety of materials in both metal and plastics. Metals include aluminum sheet (2024, 3003, 5052, 6061 and some 7075), aluminum tubes, angle, rods, square bars, rectangular bar, I beams, channel and some T all 6061: Stainless steel (304) hex, rods, square bar, rectangular bar, sheet and tubes: brass rod, hex, sheets and tube (usually limited to 360 alloy free machining brass); copper both regular and OFHC (Oxygen Free High Conductivity (Alloy 101)); a limited supply of titanium and miscellaneous sizes of both hot and cold rolled steel. In addition to the metal, the Physics Materials Store has plastics in Lexan™, Delrin™, acrylic and Teflon™ both in sheets and rods. Also available is rubber (silicone and neoprene); fiberglass (G10); Lava, Lead and a limited supply of Maccor™.

Physics Electronics Store
Bldg 082 Room 0408

Contains a wide range of electronics and everyday needs ranging from Duracell Procell™ AA, AAA, C, D AND 9 VOLT batteries, CDR, CDRW, zipdisks and mini disks. Items also include both metric and fractional washers, nuts and screws in stainless steel, plated steel and brass. The normal variety of electronics items includes, resistors, capacitors, potentiometers, switches, fuses, wires (stranded and solid), spade and terminal lugs, butt splices, terminals, and breadboards. Also available, is a wide range of tool to included but not limited to screwdriver (Phillips and flat tip), Allen wrenches, drills, wrenches, pliers, soldering items, center punches and took kits.

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