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Physics Education Publications:

Inside the Blackbox – Raising Standards through Classroom Assessment

Paul Black and Dylan William
King’s College London School of Education
British Educational Research Association, 1998

Physics: Concepts and Connections

Art Hobson
University of Arkansas
Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1995

Diwang Pisika – For the Advancement of Physics Teaching at All Levels in the Philippines

University of the Philippines Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development

International Communication Exchange Center Newsletter on Physics Education

Published by the Physics Education Society of Japan
Koishikawa, Tokyo, Japan

Physics Education Research

A Supplement to American Journal of Physics
Published by the American Association of Physics Teachers
One Physics Ellipse, College Park

If you know of any physics education publications, contact the ICPE newsletter editor and add to the growing list of physics education print resources.