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This page provides links to software developed by the UMd PERG.

M.U.P.P.E.T. Simulations (Require a DOS simulator)

Note that this software was developed long ago (1983-1993) under DOS. If you are running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux, you will need to obtain a DOS simulator. Some of these programs may not run on modern machines and some of them may run too fast. If you are unable to run one or more of our programs, please let us know, specifying the hardware and software environments in which you had difficulty. Many of the programs are zipped for easy downloading. All the files contained in a zipped package should be unzipped into the same directory and that directory should be made the working direectory for the executibles.
  • Collide: A simulation for a 1D collision (2 and 3 bodies) with a variety of forces.

  • Pendulum: A simulation of a damped, driven large-amplitude pendulum.

  • Pulses: A simulation of a pulse on 50 masses connected by springs.

  • Thermo: A 2D simulation of up to 1000 particles bouncing around in a box.

  • Conductor: A 2D simulation that allows you to put freely moving charges inside the volume of a conductor.

Spreadsheets (Require Excel or a program that reads xls files)


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