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Student Understanding of Quantum Mechanics

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Schedule of Speakers
Physics 708: Seminar in Practical Quantum Physics

Week 2 Topic: Introduction to the Practical Quantum Mechanics Project
9/11/97 Speaker: E. F. Redish
Address Univ. of Maryland (Physics)

Week 3 Topic: Student understanding of wave concepts
9/18/97 Speaker: Michael Wittmann
Address Univ. of Maryland (Physics)

Week 4 Topic: Quantum course for the nonscientist
9/25/97 Speaker: Jim Freericks
Address Georgetown University

Week 5 No Seminar This Week

Week 6 Topic: Low temperature physics, A playground for the quantum mechanic
10/9/97 Speaker: Richard Webb
Address Univ. of Maryland (Physics)

Week 7 Topic: Student models of light
10/16/97 Speaker: Richard Steinberg
Address Univ. of Maryland (Physics)

Week 8 Topic: Semiconductor devices
10/23/97 Speaker: Neil Goldsman
Address Univ. of Maryland (EE)

Week 9 Topic: Group discussion on cognitive issues in physics education research

Week 10 Topic: Dimensional analysis and scaling arguments in teaching quantum mechanics
11/6/97 Speaker: Lei Bao
Address Univ. of Maryland (Physics)

Week 11 Topic: Teaching Feynman's sum over paths quantum theory
11/12/97 Speaker: Edwin Taylor
Address Carnegie Mellon University

Week 12 Topic: The Scanning Tunneling Microscope
11/20/97 Speaker: Ellen Williams
Address Univ. of Maryland (Physics)

Week 13 Thanksgiving

Week 14 Topic: Quantum mechanics in electrical engineering
12/4/97 Speaker: Jon Orloff
Address Univ. of Maryland (EE)

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