The Global Electronic library

WebElements: A periodic table of the elements with information available about each element. The WebElements home site was first constructed and is maintained by Mark Winter, University of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England.

Chart of the Nuclides A chart of the nuclides in a "clickable" map that lets you find out lots of information about each nuclide. From the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), mirrored at Brookhaven National Lab.

The Particle Adventure An Interactive Tour of the Inner Workings of the Atom and the Tools for Discovery.

Fundamental Physical Constants The 1986 CODATA Recommended Values of the Fundamental Physical Constants

The Messier Catalog A complete guide to the standard Messier catalog from the University of Arizona. Includes photos and additional data and information about the 110 standard "M-objects".

Astronomical WWW Resources A large collection of Astronomical Resources on the web.

The Internet Pilot to Physics (TIPTOP) Comprehensive collection of physics resources on the web.

AIP Physics News Graphics An archive of figures depicting important physics research topics and concepts.


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