Project Links Student Attitude Survey

At the link "View the survey" below, you will find a copy of the second draft of the Project Links Student Attitude Survey. This survey has been developed by the Project Links evaluation team to measure how interaction with the computer modules developed by the project affects the attitudes, beliefs, and expectations of students towards mathematics. The current draft version of the survey includes

In addition to finding out how students responded to the specific modules used in the class, the survey was constructed to illuminate student attitudes along about a dozen specific dimensions. These are described briefly in the outline below.

  1. Connections
  2. Personal characteristics
  3. Emotional measures
  4. Cognitive approach
  5. Views about the nature of mathematics
  6. Attitudes toward technology

It is our intention that these surveys will be distributed at the beginning and end of math courses that use Links Modules extensively to look both for specific responses to the modules and shifts in student attitudes engendered by module use.

The number of items in the survey will be reduced by about 20% for the final version. Changes will continue to be made during the Summer of 1997 in response to comments from the Links group and from collaborative discussions with evaluators in other MATC projects.

Please contribute to the next draft by filling out the survey.

View the survey.

For more information on this survey, or to discuss the survey in more detail, contact

Prof. E. F. Redish
Department of Physics
University of Maryland
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