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This page links to dissertations from the UMd PERG that are available on the web. Click on the red button to go to the abstract, table of contents, and links to view or download PDF files of the individual chapters.

Author Title Year Go to thesis page
Saul Beyond problem solving: Evaluating introductory physics courses through the hidden curriculum 1998
Wittmann Making sense of how students come to an understanding of physics: An example from mechanical waves 1998
Bao Dynamics of student modeling: A theory, algorithms, and application to quantum mechanics 1999
Sabella Using the context of physics problem solving to evaluate the coherence of student knowledge 1999
Lippmann Students' understanding of measurement and uncertainty in the physics laboratory: Social construction, underlying concepts, and quantitative analysis 2003
Tuminaro A cognitive framework for analyzing and describing introductory students' use and understanding of mathematics in physics 2004
Atkins Analogies as categorization phenomena: Studies from scientific discourse 2004
Gresser A Study Of Social Interaction And Teamwork In Reformed Physics Laboratories 2006
Russ A Framework for Recognizing Mechanistic Reasoning in Student Scientific Inquiry 2006
Bing An Epistemic Framing Analysis of Upper-Level Physics Students' Use of Mathematics 2008
Hutchison Epistemological Authenticity in Science Classrooms 2008
McCaskey Comparing and Contrasting Different Methods for Probing Student Epistemology and Epistemological Development in Introductory Physics 2009
Frank The Dynamics of Variability in Introductory Physics Students' Thinking: Examples from Kinematics 2009
Goertzen Investigating and Accounting for Physics Graduate Studentsí Tutorial Classroom Practice 2010
Jones Applying Mathematics to Physics and Engineering: Sympolic forms of the integral 2010
Conlin Building shared understandings in introductory physics tutorials through risk, repair, conflict & comedy 2012
Hull Do students have cultural scripts? Results from the first implementation of open-source tutorials in Japan 2013
Hall Examining the effect of students' classroom expectations on undergraduate biology course reform 2013
Kuo More than just "plug-and-chug": Exploring how physics students make sense with equations 2013
Richards Exploring what stabilizes teachers' attention and responsiveness to the substance of students' scientific thinking in the classroom 2013
Danielak How electrical engineering students design computer programs 2014
Dreyfus Interdisciplinary reasoning about energy in an introductory physics course for the life sciences 2014
Geller Explanatory Coherence in the Context of the Second Law of Thermodynamics 2015
Olmstead An assessment of professional development for astronomy and physics faculty:
Expanding our vision of how to support faculty's learning about teaching
Quan Becoming a physicist: How identities and practices shape physics trajectories 2017
Eichenlaub Mathematical sensemaking via epistemic games 2018
Hemingway A biophysical perspective on collective cell migration and mathematical modeling in physics for the life sciences 2018
Sohr Student sense-making in quantum mechanics: Lessons to teachers from studies of group-work and representation use 2018

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