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Activity Based Physics Alternative Homework Assignments

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Alternative Homework Assignments (AHA's) are a new approach to introductory physics homework. Traditional textbook problems generally fail to develop students' observational and mathematical modeling skills. Such problemsare frequentlly abstract and do not require the students to think criticallyabout how the concepts are related to the mathematical equations requiredto solve the problem. AHA's attempt to address this difficulty by combiningconceptual, reasoning, and traditional problem solving elements with observational,"equation reading," and dynamic modeling elements. Each assignmentincludes a series of questions about a single context or situation. Typicallyonly one of these assignments would be given between class periods, andno single assignment attempts to embody all of the elements mentioned above.The assignments listed below may be accessed by clicking on the assignmenttitle. These problems may be freely used in classrooms. They may be copiedand cited in published work if the Activity-Based Physics (ABP)Alternative Homework Assignments (AHA's) Problem site is mentionedand the URL given.


Electricity and Magnetism:

Waves and Sound:

This work supported in part by NSF grant DUE-9455561.
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