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Contact Information for Physics Computing Services (PCS)

Physics Computing Services endeavors to assist faculty, staff, researchers, and students in the Physics Department with assistance on a variety of computer and IT issues. To this end, we encourage people to contact us when they discover a problem, have IT questions, or otherwise need assistance. Because of scheduling demands, it is appreciated if you communicate things earlier rather than later.

The recommended way for notifying PCS of issues, asking questions, etc. is through the physhelp. This has the advantages that it is seen by several members of the group, provides tracking mechanisms, etc. If you simply send email directly to a staff person, and that person is out sick or on vacation, your request might not be even known to other members of PCS staff and go unanswered for a long time. We try as best as possible to answer physhelp requests promptly. The physhelp mechanism also allows us to better balance workload between personnel and assign tasks to those most skilled in the areas required.

If you need to contact people directly, here is the contact information and PGP public keys for our personnel: (to generate email addresses, append @physics.umd.edu to the listed Email Username). Click on the PGP Key ID to obtain the PGP public key.

PGP public keys are also available on many public keyservers, e.g. pgp.mit.edu. Many OIT PGP public keys are also available on public keyservers, and we list a few common ones below as well:

NamePGP Key ID
OIT Password Notification B68FE2EC
OIT Security 21CF488A
Gerry Sneeringer B4728FF2

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