University of Maryland CMS Personnel

UMD people

University of Maryland CMS personnel
(and their LEGO® avatars)

Anelli LEGO_Anelli
Chris Anelli
Baden LEGO_Baden
Prof. Drew Baden
No pic LEGO_Bard
Rob Bard
No pic LEGO_Belloni
Prof. Alberto Belloni
Calvert LEGO_Calvert
Brian Calvert
Eno LEGO_Eno
Prof. Sarah Eno
Ferbel LEGO_Ferbel
Prof. Tom Ferbel
Ferencek LEGO_Ferencek
Dinko Ferencek
Ferraioli LEGO_Ferraioli
Chris Ferraioli
Gomez LEGO_Gomez
Jaime Gomez
Hadley LEGO_Hadley
Prof. Nick Hadley
Jeannier LEGO_Jeannier
Roland Jeannier
Kellogg LEGO_Kellogg
Dick Kellogg
Kirn LEGO_Kirn
Malina Kirn
Kolberg LEGO_Kolberg
Ted Kolberg
Ying Lu
No pic LEGO_Marionneau
Matthieu Marionneau
Mignerey LEGO_Mignerey
Prof. Alice Mignerey
Pedro LEGO_Pedro
Kevin Pedro
Peterman LEGO_Peterman
Alison Peterman
Rossato LEGO_Rossato
Ken Rossato
Rumerio LEGO_Rumerio
Paolo Rumerio
Santanastasio LEGO_Santanastasio
Francesco Santanastasio
Skuja LEGO_Skuja
Prof. Andris Skuja
Temple LEGO_Temple
Jeff Temple
Tonjes LEGO_Tonjes
Marguerite Tonjes
Twedt LEGO_Twedt
Ellie Twedt
Toole LEGO_Toole
Terry Toole
Pierson LEGO_Pierson
Oliver Pierson
Mariano LEGO_Mariano
Joseph Mariano
Hergenreder LEGO_Hergenreder
Katie Hergenreder
No pic No pic
Young Shin
No pic No pic
Prof. Suresh Tonwar

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