LEGO® model of the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS)

A detailed explanation of the CMS model (and comparisons of the model to the actual CMS detector) may be found in this .pdf document .

Project details:

CERN public page
CMS barrel
The central (barrel) region of CMS, surrounded by muon rings

CMS public page

Half of the CMS Silicon Strip Tracker

The Silicon Strip Tracker barrel components

The Silicon Strip Tracker barrel and endcaps

The electromagnetic calorimeter (ECAL)

The ECAL with tracker installed

ECAL + tracker with human model for scale

"Down the beam line" view of the tracker barrel within the Ecal

The central portion of CMS, including the tracker, ECAL, Hadron Calorimeter (HCAL) barrel (yellow) and solenoid (grey)

The solenoid resting on muon ring 0, along with one calorimeter/muon endcap

Assembly of ECAL, Solenoid, and 2 muon rings

A partially completed muon endcap

The (unwrapped) muon rings surrounding the central solenoid

Left: one endcap (calorimeters + muon detectors) of CMS.
Right: central CMS detectors

Forward calorimeter (HF) support and back of muon endcap

Completed model (with one endcap separated from central detector)

Comparison of LEGO® model and actual CMS detector

CMS Barrel and Muon Rings
(right-hand picture from this site).
CMS Calorimeter and Muon Endcaps
(right-hand picture from this site).
CMS forward calorimeter and CASTOR detector
(right-hand picture from this site).

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