Dr. Peter S. Shawhan, Professor

Dr. Ho Jung Paik, Professor Emeritus and Research Professor

Dr. Jean-Paul Richard, Professor Emeritus

Dr. M. Vol Moody, Research Scientist

Research Staff

Dr. Chris Collins, Senior Faculty Specialist

Dr. Leandro A. N. de Paula , Post-Doctoral Associate

Dr. Ki Chun Kim , Research Associate

Ronald S. Norton, Faculty Specialist

Research Students

Zachary Metzler, Graduate Assistant

(Group photo, Spring 2021)
Left to right: Ki Chun Kim, Zac Metzler, Ron Norton, Ho Jung Paik, Peter Shawhan,
Leandro de Paula, Chris Collins.



Contact Information

301-405-6093  (M. Vol Moody - Lab)

408-316-7758  (Ho Jung Paik)

301-405-1580  (Peter Shawhan)



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