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Condensed Matter Colloquium


Spring 2012 Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, talks are:
Thursdays,  from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. 
Room 1201, Physics Building

Refreshments are served at 1:30pm in the (new) Toll Room


Speaker / Affiliation
Title / Abstract
Jan. 26

Sergio Valenzuela, ICREA

Spin currents and spin dynamics in metallic nanostructures


Feb.  2

Gabi Kotliar, Rutgers University

Sleuthing Hidden Order in Correlated Materials: A Case Study on URu2Si2


Feb.  9

Doron Bergman, California Institute of Technology

The topological insulator in a Fermi sea - sink or swim?


Feb.  16

Xiaoshan Xu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Novel functional oxides and interfaces to the organics


Feb.  23

Matthew Doty, University of Delaware

Quantum Dot Molecules: Designing, building and understanding nanostructured semiconductors for optoelectronic applications


Mar. 1  -- NO SEMINAR --  -- NO SEMINAR --


Mar. 8  -- NO SEMINAR --  -- NO SEMINAR --


Mar. 15

Victor Gurarie, University of Colorado, Boulder

From the topological invariants to the edge states of topological insulators


Mar. 22  -- NO SEMINAR --  -- NO SEMINAR --  
Mar. 29

Ruslan Prozorov, Ames National Laboratory

Fe-based Superconductors: Nodes or No Nodes?


Apr. 5

Andrey Chubukov, University of Wisconsin Madison

Superconductivity from Repulsive Interactions


Apr. 12

Igor Zutic, SUNY Buffalo

Magnetic Polarons and Bipolarons in Quantum Dots


Apr. 19

Yuval Oreg, Weizmann Institute of Science

Majoranas in Wire Networks

Apr. 26

Jennifer Hoffman, Harvard University

Imaging the Impact of Single Dopants on High-Tc Superconductors


May 3

Brian LeRoy, University of Arizona

Imaging Local Electronic Properties of Graphene


May 10

Venky Venkatesan, National University of Singapore

Unusual Transport and Magnetism in Oxides and Oxide Interfaces



                            please see the Condensed Matter Physics Seminar Schedule Archive for schedules of past semesters

For more information on Condensed Matter Physics Seminar, please contact Victor Galitski or Johnpierre Paglione , the seminar schedule coordinator.
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