Condensed Matter Physics Seminar

2 p.m., Thursday, February 20, 2003
Room 1201, Physics Building

 Superconductor-ferromagnet heterostructures

Alexandre Buzdin

(University of Bordeaux, France; currently visiting Argonne National Laboratory)

Abstract:  Interplay between superconductivity and ferromagnetism has attracted much attention during the last twenty years. Recently,  great progress in preparation of high quality hybrid superconductor (S) ferromagnet (F) systems has been achieved , which permitted to observe many new effects.  Proximity effect at S/F interface is very peculiar, because the superconducting electrons penetrating into the ferromagnet occur to be under the influence of very high exchange field. Such situation is impossible in bulk singlet superconductors, where  superconductivity persists only up to the exchange field of the order of superconducting transition temperature. Hence the study of  S-F systems provides a unique opportunity to observe the peculiar behavior of superconductivity under huge exchange field. 
Host:  Yakovenko
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