Condensed Matter Physics Seminar

2 p.m., Thursday, October 3, 2002
Room 1201, Physics Building

 Zero-dimensional Fermi liquid

Boris Altshuler


Abstract:  What does it mean - Fermi liquid? In spite of the fact that this paradigms discussed for almost half a century there are still disagreements about its very meaning. In its original version the Fermi liquid theory interacting fermions was based on the translation invariance, i.e., on the fact that each elementary excitation can be characterized by its momentum. Does it mean that any quenched disorder destroys the Fermi liquid state? In order to get an insight we will consider general properties of interacting fermions confined within a finite volume.   It turns out that in the case when one-particle motion is chaotic the theoretical description of the system can be dramatically simplified.  More precisely, the low energy behavior is determined by a zero-dimensional Hamiltonian, which contains at most three unknown coupling constants. We will see that this description is in all respects similar to the Fermi-liquid one. To illustrate this Fermi-liquid-like approach we will discuss effects of the exchange interaction on the charge transport through Quantum Dots.
Host:  Prange
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