Informal Lunch-Time Theoretical Seminar

12 noon, Friday, February 16, 2001
Room 2202, Physics Building

 Bulk and edge correlations in the compressible quantum Hall state

Milica Milovanovic

(Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Oklahoma)

Abstract:  We study correlations in the trial wave function for the ground state of the metallic quantum Hall system at filling factor one-half.  First, correlations in the Laughlin (incompressible) state are reviewed.  They, as will be emphasized, are reflections of the underlying physics in the state: each electron is attracted to the correlation hole that other electrons build.  Then, the correlations in the compressible state are discussed.  They were found using a modified version of the plasma analogy.  The corresponding plasma has anomalously weak screening properties, and as a consequence we find that the correlations along the edge do not decay algebraically as in the Laughlin case, while bulk correlations decay in the same way.  We conclude that the (attractive) correlation hole is not well defined on the edge.

Host: Victor Yakovenko

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