Condensed Matter Physics Seminar

2 p.m., Thursday, April 5, 2001
Room 1201, Physics Building

 Electrons in Carbon Nanostructures

Paul McEuen

(Cornell University)

Abstract:  Recently, there has been tremendous interest in nanostructures built entirely out of carbon.  The most famous are: (1) the C60 molecule (a.k.a. buckyball) -- a soccer-ball shaped molecule consisting of 60 carbon atoms; and (2) single-walled nanotubes - nanometer diameter cylinders made from rolling up single graphene sheets.  These carbon nanostructures are proving to be wonderful systems for the study of the physics of electrons in reduced dimensions.  They also have a variety of technological applications (both demonstrated and potential), in areas ranging from materials to electronics to biotechnology.   In this talk, I will discuss our group's recent efforts to probe the electrical and electromechanical properties of these fascinating systems.
Host:  Michael Fuhrer
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