Condensed Matter Physics Seminar

Thursday, February 10, 2000, 2 p.m.
Plant Sciences Building, Room 1130

Electron transport in quantum wires connected to quantum dots

Konstantin Matveev

(Department of Physics, Duke University)

Abstract:  We consider the motion of electrons in a one-dimensional conductor, a quantum wire, connected to a quantum dot.  Although the electrons can move freely between the wire and the dot, the charging energy of the dot prevents the low-energy electrons from leaving the wire.  If the wire is long, but finite, this effective Coulomb barrier leads to quantization of the energy levels in the wire, with only a weak level broadening caused by "virtual leakage" into the dot.  This phenomenon can be probed in an experiment measuring the tunneling into the wire.  The charge of the tunneling electron is confined to the wire, while its spin can be transferred into the dot.  This spatial spin-charge separation results in periodic inverse square-root singularities in the tunneling density of states.

Host: Victor Yakovenko

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