Condensed Matter Physics Seminar

Friday, March 5 1999, 2 p.m.
Plant Sciences Building, Room 1130


Surface Growth and Fluid Turbulence: Intermittent Interfaces?

Sankar Das Sarma

(University of Maryland)

Abstract: Thin film growth via vapor deposition (e.g. MBE growth) is an important technological process whose fundamental theoretical understanding is lacking at the present time.  In this talk I will discuss a nonequilibrium statistical mechanical approach toward understanding MBE growth using large-scale computer simulations and analytical renormalization group techniques.  The dynamical surface growth morphology exhibits nontrivial structures whose statistical properties have striking formal similarities to the problem of fully developed isotropic turbulence in fluids. Both problems show similar anomalous scaling, intermittency, and multifractal behavior arising from dynamical nonlinearities inherent in their coarse-grained descriptions.  The talk will mostly be simulational results and lots of pictures with a little theory (and hopefully understanding) sprinkled in.

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