Rydberg Atoms and Quantum Information

We are investigating the use of highly excited (Rydberg) atoms for the development of conditional logic gates for neutral atom quantum computation. The dipole-dipole interaction between two Rydberg atoms should allow for a very fast gate with high fidelity. This work is in collaboration with the neutral atom quantum information processing project at NIST, funded by the DTO.

We are also collaborating with the Condensed Matter Theory Center on problems related to using neutral atoms trapped in optical lattices for quantum information processing.


Fast quantum gates for neutral atoms
Jaksch D, Cirac JI, Zoller P, Rolston SL, Cote R, Lukin MD
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 85 (10): 2208-2211 SEP 4 2000

Chuanwei Zhang, S. L. Rolston, S. Das Sarma
Manipulating Single Neutral Atoms in Optical Lattices



Graduate Students:


Ilya Arakelyan (adask@glue.umd.edu) (Hill Group)


Jenn Robinson (jrobins8@umd.edu)


B.S. Physics, Cornell University