Talks, Posters, Public Lectures, and News Releases from 2013


Article in Nuclear Physics News Vol. 23, Issue 4, 2013.

The Fancium Trapping Facility at TRIUMF. DOI:10.1080/10619127.2013.821918

Colloquia, invited talks, and seminars:

Towards weak interaction studies in Francium

From imaginary experiments to quantum information. (PDF)

Atoms coupled to SQUIDS; putting the pieces together. (PDF)

Ground state quantum coherences; from quantum beats to strong control. (PDF)


Outreach Talks:

De los experimentos imaginarios a la información cuántica. (PDF)

Quantum information and big data. (PDF)



Quantum Information Processing and Control II, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, Introduction to Quantum Optics for Cavity QED, November 2013: