Fr Trapping at the Fr facility. TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada, 2012-09-02 to 05

The FrPNC collaboration had a commissioning run at TRIUMF for experiment 1065 (Anapole moment) and has succeeded in trapping three different isotopes of Fr: 207 (never before trapped), 209 already trapped at Stony Brook, and 221 trapped by the Boulder group. The on line capturing trap worked very well and the efficiency is good (numbers to follow later). The production at TRIUMF was very stable at a maximum of one hundred million per second. We thank TRIUMF, NSERC, and NRC of Canada, NSF and DOE of the USA, and CONACYT of Mexico

September 2 2012

Run starts in the early morning with tuning of the beam line first with uranium and then with 209 Fr. By early evening the first hints of a trap appear. The picture is taken from the computer screen.

September 4 2012

Much better traps and trapped 207 Fr. Sreen Capture.

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