Talks, Posters, Public Lectures, and News Releases from 2012


Commissioning run (September 2 to 5, 2012) for FrPNC collaboration at TRIUMF succesful.

Press release prepared by the JQI communications office about the Commissioning run Sept. 2012.


3er Taller de Dinámica y estructura de la Materia (TaDEM). UNAM, Mexico DF, Mexico. May 2012 with support from OSA. (In Spanish)

Electrodinámica Cuántica de Cavidades (PDF)

¿Qué Sabemos del Francio? (PDF)

Escuela Avanzada de Verano (EAV 2012, CINVESTAV)

Información Cuántica (based on lecture notes from Prof. Ivan Deutsch from University of New Mexico) in Spanish:

Lección 1 (PDF)

Lección 2 (PDF)

Lección 3 (PDF)

Lección 4 (PDF)

Colloquia, invited talks, and seminars:

Seminar at NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, May 2012:

Optical nanofiber fabrication and analysis. (PDF)

Coloquio Instituto de Física UNAM y OSA_UNAM Student Chapter, May 2012, (in Spanish):

Nanofibras ópticas para sistemas híbridos de información cuántica. (PDF)

Invited talk at: 5th International Symposium on Symmetries in Subatomic Physics, Groningen, Holland, June 2012:

Atomic parity non conservation; the francium project. (PDF)

Invited hot topics talk at: 23rd International Conference in Atomic Physics, Palaiseau, France, July 2012:

Feedback in a cavity QED system for control of quantum beats (PDF)

Seminar at: Escuela Avanzada de Verano CINVESTAV, Mexico City, August 2012 (In Spanish):

Una vista a dos experimentos: Retroalimentación cuántica y Sistema híbrido: SQUID-átomos (PDF)

Invited talk at: 22nd International Conference on the Application of Accelerators in Research and Industry, Fort Worth, TX, August 2012:

The Francium Facility at TRIUMF (PDF)

Coloquio at Instituto de Física UASLP San Luis Potosí, México, September 2012, (in Spanish):

Control en Electrodinámica Cuántica de Cavidades. (PDF)

Plenary Talk at Mexican Optics and Photonics Meeting 2012, Academia Mexicana de Optica, San Luis Potosí México, September 2012, (in Spanish):

Campos evanescentes en nanofibras (PDF)

Seminar at Colby College, Waterville, ME, October 2012:

What we know about francium. (PDF)

Invited talk at Quantum Optics VI, Piriapolis, Uruguay, Novemeber 2012:

Atoms Coupling to SQUIDs; putting the pieces together. (ppt)

Invited talk at Bianual meeting of Sociedad Chilena de Fisica, La Serena, Chile, November 2012:

Control en Electrodinámica Cuántica de Cavidades.(pdf)

Seminar at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, December 2012:

What we know about francium. (PDF)

Contributed talks and posters:

SQUINT meeting, Albuquerque, February 2012:

Poster: Trapping Atoms Around Nanofibers. (PDF)

Poster: Trapped Atoms with an Evanescent Field for Hybrid Quantum Systems. (PDF)

Poster: Thin Film Superconducting Resonator Coupled to Atoms. (PDF)

March meeting APS, Boston MA, 2012:

Poster: Atom Talking to SQuIDS. (PDF)

DAMOP meeting APS, Anaheim CA, June 2012:

Poster: Control of ground state quantum beats in cavity QED. (PDF)

Poster: Atomic Parity Non-Conservation with Francium atoms by the FrPNC collaboration. (PDF)

Poster: System for Trapping Cold Neutral Atoms Around an Optical Nanofiber. (PDF)

Poster: Atoms Talking to SQUIDs. (PDF)

ICAP 23 meeeting, Palaiseau, France, July 2012

Poster: Feedback in a Cavity QED system for control of quantum beats (PDF)

Poster: The new Fr Trapping Facility at TRIUMF (PDF)

Poster: Trapping cold neautral atoms with evanescent optical fields for hybrid quantum systems (PDF)

Public Lectures

De los experimentos imaginarios a la información cuántica, CIVESTAV August 2012 (In Spanish) (PDF)

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