This page shows the development of the Fr Trapping facility at TRIUMF in the Fall 2011

Maryland September 6, 2011

Maryland September 8, 2011

The truck with the 79 boxes from UMD arrives at TRIUMF September 15, 2011

Arrangement of the boxes at TRIUMF September 16-23 2011

Dismanteling the old laser hut and cleaning the space for the new Farady Cage September 28, 2011. See a film of the dismatling as taken by a tv please dowload the following mp4


The Faraday Cage Arrives Sep 29 2011

Construction of the faraday cage

October 12 2011

October 14 2011

The laser Tables arrive October 13, 2011

October 14 2011

Instalation of the double door on the Faraday Cage as taken by a tv at one minute intervals please dowload the following mp4


Ocotber 16 2011, the anteroom is ready

Ocotber 19 2011, Moving Optical Tables into the Faraday Cage

Ocotber 22 2011, The Faraday Cage is ready. The room is currently not connected to ground. The RF insolation tests seemed good, but we are waiting the final report.

South side, with beam line entrance

North West corner with the penetrations for electrical power.

East wall with the internet and phone penetrations.

East wall emergency door.

October 23, 2011 Installation of shelves over the optical tables.

November 24, 2011 Electricity in the room.

View of North Wall.

View towards East Wall.

Ceiling View.

November 24, Fans, Hepa filters, and an AC cooling system.

December 5, 899-21 lasing with about 1 Watt of power sigle mode at Rb resonance.

December 5, Wavemeter showing the frequency of the TiSaph at the Rb resonance.

December 14, Aparatus completed.

December 15, 85 Rb atoms in the trap (picture).

Last Updated December 15, 2011