Quantum Optics and Francium Spectroscopy

Joint Quantum Institute , Physics Frontier Center at JQI , Department of Physics , University of Maryland

Luis A. Orozco, Dept. Physics, Joint Quantum Institute (JQI), Computer and Space Science Building 2201, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742-4111 USA
office phone: (301) 405 9740; laboratories located (phone) in the Physical Sciences Complex rooms B0132 (301) 314 2096, B0156 (301) 314 2135, and Physics 1305 (301) 405 3156. FAX (301 405 0207). TRIUMF Fr trapping facility at ISAC 1 Hall (604 222-1047) X 6774.

Welcome to the WWW pages of the Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics group of Luis A. Orozco from the Joint Quantum Institute at the Department of Physics of UMD.

The National Science Foundation and the JQI support our work.