Astro-Metrology Group

Astrophysics at University of Maryland

The goal of the research currently being conducted by the members of the Astro-Metrology Group is to apply physics techniques to various problems in astrophysics, astrometry, interferometry, and related areas. In particular, they adapt new concepts to the measurement of astronomical systems through design and production of novel instruments and use of advanced image processing techniques. Resources include access to data obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope and Ground-based Adaptive Opitics Systems.

Faculty and Personnel

Douglas Currie - Professor
Jânia Duha - Visiting Professor
Ed Shaya - Research Associate - remove
Kenneth Kissell - Research Associate
Dennis Wellnitz - Research Associate
Daniel Dowling - Visiting Research Associate
Petras Avizonis - Visiting Research Associate

Graduate Students

Bryan Dorland

Research Areas

Hubble Space Telescope - Eta Carinae
Lageos - Spin Axis Motion
Adaptive Optics - Image Processing
Chaos - Sunspot Prediction
Hubble Space Telescope - Uranus Satellites/Rings
Imaging in the Eagle Nebula (M16)
Change Detection Interferometry

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Jania Duha
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