Image of a Wigner function

Quantum Coherence and Information
Theory Group

The Quantum Coherence and Information Theory Group (QCI) is comprised of researchers from the University of Maryland, College Park faculty and is part of the Joint Quantum Institute (JQI). Our research interests focus on foundational issues of quantum mechanics, fundamental aspects of quantum decoherence and disentanglement, nonequalibrium quantum dynamics, the physics of quantum information and computation, and theoretical studies experimental systems where these issues can be most sensitively probed.

Selected Research Interests


The QCI seminar series is devoted to quantum coherence phenomena, foundational issues of quantum physics, and quantum information. It began in 2003, but since the inauguration of the JQI it as been subsumed by the JQI weekly seminar. Other seminars in the area that touch on related issues include the QIBEC seminar series at NIST Gaithersburg and the weekly LPS seminar.