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Because of the difficulty in finding the information you are looking for in the PNCE web pages, and the lack of manpower to keep the pages better organized on an ongoing basis, we are trying to implement a semi-automatic indexing function. This is quite new for start of 2006, and so at this time has very few entries in it, but hopefully with each new document (or documents migrated from the old system), these indices will become more useful.

PCS has also implemented a search function on our pages, based on the campus Google search engine. Currently, that fully automatic feature is probably more useful. However, the entries on the pages referenced below are entered by the author of the page when the page is created (or in some cases afterwards), and are therefore more likely to be relevant. Some of the indices below also cover information that is password protected and inaccessible to Google.

The index pages below are classified by two binary categories:

The indices for password restricted are themselves password protected using PNCE-Unix/Glue usernames and passwords.

Most users will wish to look at one of the user docs pages, either the public one if they do not have an UMd Glue account (or do not want to be bothered with authenticating), or the restricted pages if they do. (Note: the restricted index pages also contain all the data in the unrestricted index page of the same category).

The Index Pages

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