The AJP Physics Education Research Section:
Information for Contributors

To submit a manuscript to the AJP PER Section mail four copies of your manuscript to

Edward F. Redish
Department of Physics
University of Maryland
College Park, MD, 20742-4111 USA

301-405-6120 (voice)
301-314-9531 (fax)


Submission is a representation that the manuscript has not been published previously nor is currently submitted for publication elsewhere. If the manuscript is accept for publication, a signed statement must be submitted to the editorial office, transferring copyright to the AAPT. The appropriate form will be supplied at the time of acceptance.

Manuscripts should be prepared with the following characteristics:

The figures, diagrams, and tables should have the following characteristics.

The format of the text should follow the conventions given in: The Style ManuaI of the American Institute of Physics, 4th ed., 1990. (It is available from American Institute of Physics, c/o AIDC, P. O. Box 20, Williston, VT 05495. To order via credit card, call toll free: 800-488-2665.) It contains further information on the preparation of manuscripts, including a list of standard abbreviations, correct rules of punctuation, spelling, choice of symbols, and suggestions on the arrangement and numbering of equations.

Footnotes should follow the following formats.

Upon acceptance and copy editing for publication in the Supplement, articles will be made available on the AAPT web site until publication. In order to facilitate this, please provide electronic copies of the mansucript on disk with the manuscript if possible. Electronic versions are acceptabile in Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, or in RevTeX. Electronic copies may be submitted as attachments by email.

If an doubt about a convention, refer to articles in The American Journal of Physics.