Physics Education Research:
A Section of the American Journal of Physics

Tables of contents of previous issues

July 1999: Supplementary Issue

Authors Title Pages
K. Wosilait, P. R. L. Heron, P. S. Shaffer, and L. C. McDermott Addressing student difficulties in applying a wave model to the interference and diffraction of light S5-S15
R. Beichner, L. Bernold, E/ Burniston, P. Dail, R. Felder, J. Gastineau, P. Gjertsen, and J. Risley Case study of the physics component of an integrated curriculum S16-S24
B. A. Thacker, U. Ganiel, and D. Boys Macroscopic phenomena and microscopic processes S25-S31
P. W. Laws, P. J. Rosborough, and F. J. Poodry Womens' responses to an activity-based physics program S32-S37
K. Cummings, J. Marx, R. Thornton, and D. Kuhl Evaluating innovation in Studio Physics S38-S45
C. S. Kalman, S. Morris, C. Cottin, and R. Gordon Promoting conceptual change using collaborative groups in quantitative gateway courses S45-S51
A. Elby Another reason that physics students learn by rote S52-S57
R. Harrington Discovering the reasoning behind the words: An example from electrostatics S32-S37

July 2000: Supplementary Issue

Authors Title Pages
I. Galili and A. Hazan The influence of an historically oriented course on students' content knowledge in optics evaluated by means of a facets-schemes analysis S3-S15
E. Bagno, B.-S. Eylon, and U. Ganiel From fragmented knowledge to a knowledge structure: Linking the domains of mechanics and electromagnetism S16-S26
J. A. Marshall and J. T. Dorward Inquiry experiences as a lecture supplement for preservice elementary teachers and general education students S27-S36
R. N. Steinberg Computers in teaching science: To simulate or not to simulate? S37-S41
S. Vokos, P. S. Shaffer, B. S. Ambrose, and L. C. McDermott Student understanding of the wave nature of matter: Diffraction and interference of particles S42-S51
D. Hammer Student resources for learning introductory physics S52-S59
D. S. Abbot, J. M. Saul, G. W. Parker, and R. J. Beichner Can one lab make a difference? S60-S61

July 2001: Supplementary Issue

Authors Title Pages
M. Johnson Facilitating high quality student practice in introductory physics S2-S11
D. P. Maloney, T. L. O'Kuma, C. J. Hieggelke, and A. Van Heuvelen Surveying students' conceptual knowledge of electricity and magnetism S12-S23
R. E. Scherr, P. S. Shaffer, S. Vokos Student understand of time in special relativity: Simulataneity and reference frames S24-S35
P. Colin and L. Viennot Using two models in optics: Students' difficulties and suggestions for teaching S36-S44
L. Bao and E. F. Redish Concentration analysis: A quantitative assessment of student states S45-S53
A. Elby Helping physics students learn how to learn S54-S64