Physics Education Research Section
of the American Journal of Physics

Papers to be published in future issues

The following papers have been accepted for publication in the Physics Education Research Section of the AJP. They will appear in future issues.

Author Title Form Available
D. Van Domelen and A. Van Heuvelen The effects of a concept-construction lab course on FCI performance
E. Kim and S. J. Pak Students do not overcome conceptual difficulties after solving 1000 traditional problems
L. Bao, K. Hogg, and D. Zollman Model analysis of fine structure of student models: An example with Newton's third law
I. D. Beatty and W. J. Gerace Probing physics students conceptual knowledge structures through term association
N. S. Rebello and D. Zollman The effect of distracters on student performance on the Force Concept Inventory
C. S. Kalman, S. Rohar, and D. Wells Enhancing conceptual change using argumentative essays
P. Engelhardt and R. Beichner Students' understanding of direct current resistive electrical circuits