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Papers and Talks by Andrew Elby

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Papers   (Jump to Talks presented by Andrew Elby)
L. Lising
A. Elby
The impact of epistemology on learning: A case study from introductory physics Am. J. Phys., 73 (2005) 372-382.    
D. Hammer, A. Elby, R. Scherr, and E. F. Redish Resources, Framing, and Transfer to be published in Transfer of Learning: Research and Perspectives , J. Mestre, Ed., (Information Age Publishing, 2004)    
A. Elby Helping physics students learn about learning American Journal of Physics (Physics Education Research Supplement), 69(7SUPP1)  
A. Elby
D. Hammer
On the substance of a sophisticated epistemology Science Education  
A. Elby What students' learning of representations tells us about constructivism Journal of Mathematical Behavior (to appear)  
Talks    (Return to top)
A. Elby
M. Wittmann
What the "FCI Invalidity" results really show Contributed talk presented at
AAPT National Meeting
Rochester, 7/22/01
A. Elby
L. Lising
The importance of epistemological considerations in fostering conceptual development Invited talk presented at
Physics Education Research Conference: AAPT National Meeting
Rochester, 7/26/01

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