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AAPT Winter Meeting, Pheonix, AZ:
GSPER Crackerbarrel sesssion.

Answering the question "Should There Be Physics Education Groups in Physics Departments?"

Laura McCullough's notes from AAPT GSPER crackerbarrel, 1/6/97

(Group members: Laura McCullough, Mel Sabella, Andrew Paradis, Junchee Yoo)


You have to know physics to teach physics

More acceptance of results if it comes from the physics department.

The PER group can access the upper division courses which an education department could not.

The system is not working.


Rebuttals in brackets [ ]

Education departments are better equipped to handle large scale research with people.

Teachers get training in education. It is excessive to have an extra group to learn how to teach physics.

PER research takes away money and resources from real physics.

Physics courses are better suited to future physicists. Do not want to alienate those who learn by lecture and who will succeed in graduate school.

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