GSPER Cracker Barrel, August 13, 1997

AAPT Summer 97 National Meeting in Denver, CO

At the graduate student cracker-barrel on August 13 in Denver, CO, we discussed the definitions of research and physics education research. Our first task was to write down our individual definitions. We then got into groups according to what we thought was the most important trait of research. These traits were written on sheets of paper placed around the room and consisted of terms commonly used to describe either the purpose or content of research. Each group attempted to come up with a group definition, then convince another group of its correctness. From the original four groups, we combined into two groups which came up with two group definitions.

The individual definitions and final two definitions are included below.


Definitions of Research (or Physics Education Research)

The following definitions described either a definition of "research" or a definition of "physics education research."

Definitions by Individuals

The Two Finalized Definitions


This page was prepared by Mel S. Sabella and Michael C. Wittmann.
Last updated 5/6/97

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