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The microscope

  A microscope is a device where a first lens makes a magnified real image of an object and that real image is then viewed with a second lens used as a magnifying glass to make a virtual image that is magnified further.

A.   In a copy of the figure below (not to scale, but arranged so that the image formation works properly) draw a ray diagram showing the formation of the real and virtual images. (The "x" marks are the focal points belonging to the left lens. The "o" marks are the focal points belonging to the right lens.)

B. If the focal length of the left lens is 1 cm, the focal length of the right lens is 8 cm, and the distance between the two lenses is 15 cm, what will the magnification of the system be (i.e., How much bigger will the final image be than the object is?) when the object is at a distance of 1.125 cm from the left lens?

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