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The diverging lens

In the figure shown below, point A (marked by a circle) is the top of a small object (indicated as an arrow). Near it, is a concave lens, as shown. The focal points of the lens are marked with black dots.

  1. Using a ray diagram, show where an image of point A would be formed.
  2. If the focal length of the lens is 8 cm and the object is 6 cm from the lens, where will the image be?
  3. If the object is 1 cm tall, how tall will the image be?
  4. Will the image created by the lens be real or virtual?
  5. Where will you have to be to see the image?

Note to the instructor: Students sometimes work through the converging lens carefully and are able to do lots of problems for it, but are not able to do handle the diverging lens as well.

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