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Heating water in a copper pot

A. A copper pot with a mass of 2 kg is sitting at room temperature (20 C). If 200 g of boiling water (100 C) are put in the pot, after a few minutes the water and the pot come to the same temperature. What temperature is this?

B. In the transformation that occurred in part A, how much thermal energy left the water? How much entered the copper of the pot?

C. If there were already 50 g of water in the pot (at room temperature) before the 200 g of hot water was added, what would the common temperature reached have been?

D. In solving the above problems, you almost certainly made a number of simplifying but unrealistic assumptions that could affect the final value of the temperature. List three and explain which of the three you think would be most important to include in order to get a more realistic answer (and why you chose the one you did).

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