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Five clocks

Five clocks are being tested in a laboratory. Exactly at noon, as determined by the WWV time signal, on successive days of a week, the clocks read as in the following table. Rank the 5 clocks according to their relative value as good timekeepers, best to worse. Justify your choice.

ClockSun.Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs.Fri. Sat.
A 12:36:4012:36:5612:37:1212:37:2712:37:4412:37:5912:38:14
B 11:59:5912:00:0211:59:5712:00:0712:00:0211:59:5612:00:03
C 15:50:4515:51:4315:52:5115:53:3915:54:3715:55:3515:56:33
D 12:03:5912:02:5212:01:4512:00:3811:59:3111:58:2411:57:17
E 12:03:5912:02:4912:01:5412:01:5212:01:3212:01:2212:01:12

Note to the instructor: This problem is taken from Halliday, Resnick, and Walker, Fundamentals of Physics

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